Rush Hour

Some are in finals induced zombie mode
Some are packing for travel home
Some are buying gifts for friends

Some are graduating
Some are planning the expression for the moment they receive their diploma
Some are wondering what’s next

Some are going home
Some are applying for their next degree
Some are cramming with friends in all-nighters
Some are doing projects presentations paper
Some are hiding in love corners cuddling their college sweethearts
Some are proposing, some are defending
Some are just getting started
Some are wondering where this ends
Some are at home, some made it home
University students possess a curious life spirit
Some leave homes to go to college,

Some are coming home.

Go Garnet, Go Gamecocks!

Forever to thee! 🎓🥂



यह कैसा जीवन है?

कुछ लोगो को हम चाहकर भी जिंदा नहीं बचा पाते,
कुछ लोग हमसे अस्तित्व में आने से पहले छिन जाते हैं।
कुछ लोगो को हमे अपने दिल में, जिंदा होते हुए भी मारना पड़ता है,
यही जीवन है, यह कैसा जीवन है?



If I could Write

Fading memory of what I am letting go.

Tell you wonder, tell you secrets and solitude
I’ve had to let go of so much
It’s hard to hold on now
Something far off is pulling me and
When I go this time I don’t think I’m coming back

I took your ring that never comes off and put it on
Sorry to lose you, sorry to keep you after you were gone
Nothing is small, nothing is unexpected
I want more
When I go this time I don’t think I’m coming back

Desire’s the element that I can’t fight
Dream is the arm of God
Girl’s looking for themselves in your eyes
I’m looking for you
What’s this supposed to be some kind of perfect
I want more
When I go this time I don’t think I’m coming back
Coming back (3x)

Song by Sam Philips



A Book of Reincarnation

Credits: unknown

I am writing a book
It’s full of dreams
That were murdered
Now there is just torment
That lives with agony
Of loss and of laceration

The mutilated marriage
Maimed love
Love without agenda
Hiraeth, languishing
Slow harrowing death
Bitter, awful memories

I am writing it all
Inanity and lunacy
The hermit and the hierophant
Trudging through life
Of lamentations and vexation
Snuffing the breath out

As my carcass is ablaze
Apollo shines bright
There is music, poetry and sunlight
Prophecies coming to life
Renascence and redivivus
Phoenix rising from the ashes

All good things must burn first
To come to life
Radiate spirit and vivacity
Into a world of morose
It’s the quintessential truth
Metempsychosis at peroration.



The Ancient One

PhD Candidate. Aunt. Daughter. Sister. Cyclist. Fighter. Trauma Survivor. Woman.